"La Sylvaine School of Dance est vraiment un lieu d'épanouissement pour ma fille. Je salue le personnel pour son sérieux et le remercie pour son encouragement pour les enfants”. Hager Ben Youssef

“Grace thrives on the mix of love, discipline and humour at La Sylvaine. She can see that every pupil is valued for their efforts as much as for their natural abilities. The teachers are loved and respected in equal measure, with a teaching style seems to combine rigorous standards for behaviour and dance with the compassion and gentleness needed to work with children”. Catherine McGinnie

La Sylvaine ballet school is amazing on every level. Its teachers are all talented professionals who nurture the dancer in every child. My daughter couldn't be dancing in a better place. Maggie Carey, Mum of Rosana de la Torre

Et grand merci pour vos encouragements et ceux de Chloé que Marie apprécie et qui lui permettent de s'épanouir dans cette discipline. Bravo pour votre enthousiasme continuel et votre énergie. Yasmine Mignon

"We would like to thank Blandine for spotting our son's potential for ballet. Thanks to her expertise, Davide is now a student at the Royal Ballet School". Monica Oldano

“Louise started ballet with La Sylvaine 8 years ago and her love for ballet has only grown since then. From the early lessons, where she discovered ballet in a very entertaining way, to the more serious Intermediate Foundation curriculum, she’s never stopped progressing and learning. The support and care she received from all the teachers has been amazing: she is not one of the many pupils, she is Louise, and the advice she receives has always been kind and personalized. This is also where she learnt to make new friends, open up, challenge herself. Beyond the class, it’s become a family for her.” Anne-Cecile Berthier

“My daughter has been attending classes at La Sylvaine since she was 4 years old and never gets tired of it. She is 11 now and ballet remains her real passion. Teachers at La Sylvaine are wonderful and a true inspiration to their pupils who respect them immensely while following strict discipline. The standard of teaching is very high. In addition to being a passion for my daughter ballet also teaches teamwork and responsibility as well as ability to express herself when being encouraged to improvise. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of teaching and feel privileged to be part of the school”. Liana Zhmotova

Our daughter Maylis, aged 14, has been attending this school for the past 4 years, and the impact on her development has been tremendous. She has learnt discipline, acquired confidence good posture and technique, and succeeded in all her exams in the RAD curriculum. La Sylvaine is a very important part of her life. All the teachers are very charismatic and their classes are exemplary both from the technical point of view in the way they lead children to bring out the best in them. Cécile Azière

“Blandine and La Sylvaine School made me want to be a ballerina for the rest of my life. It brought out the best in me. Those dancing years taught my rigour, team work and most of all, it taught me to surpass myself. They made me believe in myself and let me express myself in the best possible way. Thank you, you gave me for some of my best childhood memories I will treasure forever”. Sinead Shannon Roche(Pupil in 1982)

"Both of my daughters have been students at La Sylvaine from day one of their schooling years until their university entrance. I cannot think of a better endorsement of the quality of the artistic education they have received and also of the enjoyment they have taken from it." Nathalie Degans

The only moment when my daughter is calm and focus is during ballet classes, not missing a beat, repeating and repeating until the movement becomes second nature, with precision and energy. She has developed a very special relationship with Blandine and Chloe who gave her support her from the first class. A great school, with family spirit, where the love of music and movement are developed, as well as concentration, confidence and outstanding ballet skills. Charlotte Jezekel

Both my daughters have been going to La Sylvaine for years, and they have been very happy there. The teachers are amazing. I think Ballet is a very good discipline and brought the girls good postures among many qualities which help also in others sports. I'm thankful to Blandine who convince my eldest not to give up Ballet a few years ago as I'm sure she would have regretted. Thanks to all teachers for teaching them with such passion. Sandra Estrada

Très chère Blandine,
Je voudrais saluer l'incroyable Blandine que vous êtes... sympathique, exigeante, fine, drôle. Un grand merci à vous pour la qualité du travail transmise aux enfants, pour votre énergie, votre bienveillance, votre humour / humeur explosive !...Merci aussi d'avoir relancé la motivation de Elle et Rio, Je suis très heureuse de voir leur progression. Trois belles années de ballets à La Sylvaine [...] Avec toute ma gratitude et ma considération, Julie Abdessemed